iconic Victorian architecture with state-of-the-art facilities

Eurostar - St Pancras Station

The Input Group were appointed as architects on behalf of Eurostar to strategically design sections of the station, including signage and wayfaring. This work formed part of the Eurostar integration into the £800m St Pancras station restoration as well as catering for the demand and throughfare of 45 million travellers annually.

What was asked

The project required the intricate combination of iconic Victorian architecture with state-of-the-art facilities, redefining this historic station for the 21st Century.

Aware that clear unambiguous station signage is vital to the travelling public, we designed 13 key areas for the continental European gateway. We furthered the architectural design works carrying out fit outs of back of house areas, and security control rooms.

How We Did It

In a project that lasted 18 months, the Input Group worked on the finishing, and built on the development of the Eurostar St Pancras design on the whole. 

Detailed visual mock-ups of the walkways and fly-throughs were created to demonstrate spatial awareness and give staff prior knowledge of station the layout. The Input Group were awarded the RIBA English Heritage Award for resulting work.

  • Input Group received RIBA English Heritage Award for architectural design
  • Designed 13 areas establishing Eurostar’s role as the continental European gateway
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